pedigree database


Pierre Martin

I'm creating a pedigree database for animals.

So far i have two tables
1-animals(animal id,name,type,color,date of birth,wieght,registration
2- relation ship (relationship id, id of animal, id of mother, id of

what i would like is to have a report the would give me the pedigree for 3

What i have done so far is one very big query that starts with animal id and
all the current record of animal information . then i added the relationship
table to be able to get the mother and father animal id as well as all there
respective data (1st genaration done)

I continued the query geneartion half way through the 2nd generation. and i
was wondering if this is the right approach?

I don't have much experience with VBA but if there is any downloadable
tutorials or reading material that might help me out I'm open to suggestions
and recomendations.

Pierre Martin



Allen Browne

Since the parents are (or were) animals also, you may be able to just place
all the animals in the one table, and join the table to itself to handle the

Details and example in this article:
Self Joins: tables that look themselves up (Pedigrees example)

This simple approach is inadequate for human relationship, where you need to
handle biological parents and multiple step-parents with limiting dates and
so on. However, it should be fine for animals unless you plan to get
involved in cloning or surrogate parenting.



Pierre Martin

Thanks for the speedy reply

i will modify my structure to one tabe. With the info you provided in the
link i fell that i'm on the right track.

Pierre martin

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