Peculiar Combo Box Appearance (not empty)


Jennifer K.

I know I am going to be asked why this is happening, but I have not been able
to find an answer on the discussion board.

I have a data entry form with several drop down combo boxes. The combo box
has a list of towns and their associated town/county codes from a lookup
table. Someone can choose a town and the appropriate code is supposed to
populate the table. For example:

Addison 101
Burlington 202
Northfield 1003
Out of State 0
Unknown 9999

Choose Burlington and the table will be populated with 202.

This particular list is used twice, but on the second occasion “Out of
State†is not a valid choice and is not included in the table that the list
is drawn from.

On a different note, ideally, OOS should have a code of 0000, but being a
number field that doesn't seem to be possible.

Anyway the combo boxes I have used show up blank in the form until someone
clicks or tabs for data entry. The combo box with “Out of State†as an option
is already populated in the form with "Out of State" and is not empty.

Can someone please explain why this is happening, and is there a solution
for this problem? Assigning a different code to “Out of State†is not within
my authority to change.

Thank you for your assistance,

Dirk Goldgar

Answered in a different newsgroup, where you posted this same question
independently. That's called "multiposting", and it's generally frowned on
because others don't know what answers have already been given, and so they
duplicate the effort. Also it's harder for you to keep track of the various
replies, and it's harder for later readers of the question, who may be
looking for the same answer, to learn what they need.

In most cases a single, well-chosen newsgroup will do. If your question
really is relevant to more than one newsgroup, the approved technique is to
"crosspost" it instead, by listing multiple newsgroups in the To: or
Newsgroups: line of a single message. If you do that, the message and any
replies will appear in all the listed newsgroups automatically, which is
beneficial to all concerned.

Jennifer K.

Thank you. I didn't know how to cross post, and after I originally posted, I
had a thought that maybe it belonged more appropriatly in the other category
and didn't know how to "fix" that after the (posting) fact. Sorry.

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