pdf icon missing in form view



When I insert a pdf file into a bound OLE object control on a form the pdf
icon does not show. The file itself loads and all other file types properly
load their respective icons. The PDFFile.ico file displays correctly in the
change icon screen off of the Insert Object subscreen but when you select it
it will not propagate to the preview screen on the Insert Object subscreen or
display in the form it was inserted into. All that shows in the bound control
is the words Adobe Document with a blank space where the icon should be.




since you have not received a reply I will add 2 cents; my experience is
that one can not insert a pdf with much success. try jpg or maybe bitmap
format. pdf has become a very big product - it now allows data entry,
calculations, etc...so if you think about it - one is attempting to insert a
very large software product into an image control.....at least that is my
rationale as to why it doesn't work these days....

an mvp or other may say I'm all wet...any maybe has an answer for you....but
I've had the same problem and hope this helps a little big...

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