PDC not renewing Browse Master role



Hello to all,

The environment that I work in requires that we keep
around a number of older computers for testing purposes.
The computers that are connected to my network are
Windows 98, Windows 2000 Pro and server, and Windows XP

Because of our mixed environment, we use WINS. In the
past, we have had a problem with the browse master role
being taken by any computer that happened to be turned on
or restarted. This caused some big headaches for us, so
we have started disabling the ability of all client
computers to become to browse master. We do this in the
registry before putting a computer on our network. This
is also done to all of our domain controllers, except for
our primary.

My problem now is that our primary domain controller will
grab the Browse master role when the WINS service is
started or restarted, but will not renew this role. So
after six days, we no longer have a browse master. My
question is how do I get my primary domain controller to
renew this role?

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated,

Ryan W.

Brian Oakes [MSFT]

The PDC/PDC emulator should always wins the browser election on the segment
he resides. On a seperate you will have another device as a segment master

You can always set the ISDomainMaster registry, this will specify that is
PDC is the domain master browser. Before you do anything check out these
q-articles on browsing. Browsing is really an unspoken art form these days.

102878 Information on Browser Operation
135404 Multihomed Master Browser May Cause Event ID 8021 and 8032
136712 Common Questions About Browsing with Windows
188305 Troubleshooting the Microsoft Computer Browser Service
818092 Description of NetBIOS Browsing Console (Browcon.exe)
830578 NBLookup.exe Command-Line Utility


Brian Oakes

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