PCTel 56k Modem



Hey all. My fax console isn't recognizing my
PCTel/Aztech 56k modem HSP56. I can dial out and connect
to my dial-up number, but cannot send faxes. Also, is
there a free program out there that will let me answer my
phone through the modem using my mic/speakers? Thanks in





The configuration file for the PCTel modem is screwed up
in WinXP. I chased this down when I found my FAX was
just fine under Win98SE, I'd reboot and it wouldn't work
under WinXP. I'm not as trusting as most folks and am
still trying to get things to work under WinXP that work
under win98SE, so I can test the same hardware in both
cases. I searched internet and found others who had this
problem and a couple of people made their fixes
available. The fix is just to reinstall the modem with
the "new" INF file. If you look at one for win98 and one
for winxp, you'll see a lot of stuff missing from the
winxp one. No idea why..??

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