PC powers off during Windows XP install



I just brought a new hard drive (Seagate Baracuda 200GB SATA) and when
i try to install windows it beggins the process and then shutsdown by

It will remain on with the BIOS screen open for hours, its not until i
try to install windows that it shutsdown and sometimes (but not
everytime) i have to pull the power cord out and put it back in or it
wont restart

It goes through the formatting stage fine and then as it beggins to
install files required for setup it shutsdown every time. although it
does it at different stages, it might get further down the process
sometimes, but others it barely starts

I have done this once before when i formatted my old SATA Maxtor 200GB
and i had no problems reinstalling XP from scratch

any help would be massivley appreciated, i have even tried using a
different copy of xp my flatmate had. it git further down the process
but still just powers off.




in the bios turn off 'Halt On all errors'
I would guess a memory or heat issue
memory timing or overclocked error


Thanks mate i will try that, sometimes when i boot up it is saying
'overclocking failed' on on some attempts



Mike T.

ryancameron said:
Thanks mate i will try that, sometimes when i boot up it is saying
'overclocking failed' on on some attempts
If your power supply is weak, your PC will shut down while trying to install
windows. A bad power supply could also be causing random errors
(overclocking failed) on boot. However, the error message you are getting
could be caused by some funky CMOS settings. Remove battery, clear cmos,
then reload default settings in CMOS and try to install Windows again. If
it's still shutting down during windows install:

Try a different power supply. If that doesn't work, there is a slim chance
this could be caused by bad RAM also. -Dave

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