Payroll Database - Need Help!!

Jul 25, 2011
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I am quite new in microsoft access and right now trying to build a database to make my life easier. However i have some problem. There are 2 main tables right now: [HR Database] and [Incident List] Tables

Where HR Database table contain the Employee (Autonumber) ID and employee details such as his basic salary, position, address, etc

The Incident list contains Employee ID, Type, Date, Month and Year and Details

I also build a relationship between employee Id of those tables.

On my query, i build an Incident summary group by the month where I can see each name having how many times OFF, PH(Public Holiday) and M/C (inputted on Incident List.Type) using "count"

As I go forward in thinking to make a payroll report based on this database, I found out that if employee ID no 1 is sick on May-11 and have no absences on June-11, If I pull out the data for June-11, the employee ID no 1 doesn't show up ><

what I really like is to have the complete set of employee ID on my payroll report.

Please help T.T


Jun 12, 2005
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I don't know where to start with what you don't know.
My best advice would be to get on one of dozens of Access step-by-step training.
If you could spend 30 hours to learn terms, relationships between terms, and database vocabulary, you would be way ahead two months from now.

Your logic is not even at a place to offer advice now. If you will take some time to learn these concepts, you would be surprised how many people might help you.

Now, the question arises as to why you wouldn't just pay $100 for a off the shelf program and then learn how to customize features to your need?

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