Pattern colors


Akram Najjar

I received an Excel file with a far better (and quite different) set of
Pattern colors. I attempted to use the "Copy colors from..." in Options but
could not make the new colors permanently there, as the default Pattern
colors in Excel.

Can I do that?

Shane Devenshire

The Copy From command brings the color pallette from one workbook to another,
it does not set the default.

There is nothing in Excel to change the default pallette, however, you can
open a blank workbook and copy the colors in as you did. Then choose File,
Save As, name the file Book, change the Files of type to template (xlt) and
save it to the XLStart folder. You can do a windows search for this folder.
It is usually in C:\Program Files\Office\Office 2003\XLStart

all new workbooks will have the color pallette

Akram Najjar

Great idea, thank you Shane.

It is wierd that in the Excel Options, you can customise colors as you wish
but not on the toolbar pallete. You can in Word but not Excel. Maybe
Microsoft can do something about that.


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