Pasting contents of Access OLE Object into Word


Bradley Jones

I have a table with an OLE Object field defined. In this field, I store
embedded Word OLE objects. What I would LOVE to do, is be able to
programatically paste these into a Word document external to the DB. The
ideal solution would paste the contents of the object rather than the object
itself, but the latter would be ok. I know my way around VBA pretty well,
so any level of help would be great.

Thanks in advance.


John Nurick

Hi Bradley,

A standard approach is to use a form with a BoundObjectFrame control bound
to your OLE field; then write VBA to make the control activate the object -
thereby opening the document in Word - after which you can have your way
with it.

Another - which I'll try one day - is to extract the document from the OLE
field and save it to disk, after which it's straightforward Word automation.
I haven't got the details here, but there's a routine at that
can extract and save the contents of OLE fields.

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