paste special | values should work with merged cells



When you use past special | values, and try to paste a large bunch of data
with merged cells into another sheet, it will not let you paste just the
values. This requires un-merging the cells. The problem that I have with
this, is that the error message makes NO sense. It says "This operation
requires the merged cells to be identically sized". Well, guess what? They
are!!! I just copied them in from another worksheet. I even used paste
special | column widths to ensure that the were indeed the same size. I
don't understand what the big deal is anyway? If Excel can paste formulas
into merged cells, why not values? I think that this should be fixed.

FYI, I am a highly advanced user of excel and the obvious workaround is to
unmerged the cells, paste and remerge them. It is just a pain in the butt
and like I said, if you can paste formulas using merged cells, why not
values? It makes no sense!

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JE McGimpsey

I realize that this was mostly a rant, but there are a couple of nuggets.

The error message is indeed in need of fixing, since the "size" it
refers to has nothing to do with column widths. Instead it relates to
the number of rows and columns. But Paste Special/Values chokes even if
they are identical, down to the position of merged cells.

A potentially easier workaround is to Copy and Paste Special/Formulas,
then Copy the pasted area and Edit/Paste Special/Values, which works.

OTOH, given all the other problems merged cells cause (sorting,
formatting, selecting), I always recommend that they be done away with
entirely. Format/Cells/Alignment/Center Across Selection often solves
the problem that the merges are used to fix.

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