paste formats to all worksheets



Subsequent to using the 'show pages' function on a pivot table, I have a
workbook with multiple worksheets of pivots.

I would like to paste-special values on all worksheets so they can no longer
be manipulated by the pivot. Then copy a pre-defined format to all

Bonus question: Would it be possible to systematically add data validation
dropdowns to the first two columns of each of these newly created worksheets?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Q1. It sounds like you already know how to use Paste Special, Values on a
pivot table, so what's the question?

Q2. Select a range with the pre-defined format and double-click the Format
Painter, then move to each sheet and paint the valued-pivot table range.

Q3. You can add data validation to any regular spreadsheet cell including
the valued-pivot table.


Apologies for being unclear. I can perform each of the functions below on an
individual worksheet.

I would like to avoid having to repeat those functions 250 times, as that is
approximately the number of worksheets I have.

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