Paste a word doc into a .ppt slide



I have created a word doc with picstures abn connector lines and text boxes
and need to place the whoe doc into a .ppt slide. I can't figure out how to
convert it.

Graham Mayor

One possibilty would be to output the Word page to a graphical format and
insert that into your slide. You can output to TIFF with Microsoft Document
Imaging (included with Office but not installed by default), or to any
graphics format with SnagIt.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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Peter T. Daniels

What happens if you simply select everything you want to copy and drag
it from the Word window to the PPT window? It works for plain text.
(You don't even need to Ctrl-Drag, as when copying within a Word
document -- the material doesn't delete from the source document.)

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