Password Restrict a Worksheet for Viewing


Annie V

I am sending a workbook to several different people, but I only want the
people to open certain sheets in the workbook. Is there a way to password
restrict the viewing of a sheet in a workbook?



Dave Peterson

Nothing foolproof.

If you have stuff you don't want others to see, then don't put it in excel.

If you to put it in excel, then don't share it with others.




You can format the cells you want to hide to ;;; You have to right click on
the cells, select format cells, and then go to the number tab and go down to
custom and type in ;;; this hides the text in the cell from being seen on the

However whe you select that cell you will see the text in the formula bar.
That you can also hide by going to protection, and check the hidden box, and
then protect the sheet, this will hide the text from being seen in the
formula bar.

Hope this helps, and not to complicated.

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