Password for project lost



I am working with a company where the administrator for their Access database
died suddenly. He has protected the project with a password and no one at
the organization has a copy of it. Is there any way to break the password?
If not is there any way to at least add new objects to the database if I
can't change the ones that are there? I can't add a reference to another
project because it wants a password for that too. I was a contract database
administrator for the organization about 4 years ago and have a copy of the
database at that time. If there is no other option the new person could have
that and move all the tables over and try to replicate the changes made since
but it would be a mammoth task. Does anyone have any other suggestions?



Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You might try one of the password cracking utilities or services available
on the net. Open a Bing window and type "Crack Access password" You should
be able to find something.

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