Pass Thru Query / Criteria



I am running an access append query that uses an Oracle Passthru query to
retrieve the records from our data warehouxe. It works beautifully but, I
have hardcoded the requested date into the criteria section of the pass thru
code (Oracle).

and dcc.dw_collateral_commitment_date = to_date('06/01/06','mm/dd/yy')

This query is run from VBA code and I want to pass a variable holding the
date instead of hard coding the date.

How can I do this?

Many Thanks




Duane Hookom

Modify the SQL property of the saved pass-through query with DAO code like:
CurrentDb.QueryDefs("qsptToOracle").SQL = "....And dcc.dw_....to_Date('" &
DateValue & "','mm/dd/yy')"

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