Partitioning Error (There is not enough space available on the dis



I have only one disk with the following partitions. The last one, 44GB, is
Free space according to Vista's disk management snap-in.
Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
Partition 1 OEM 55 MB 32 KB
Partition 2 Primary 10 GB 55 MB
Partition 3 Primary 57 GB 10 GB
Partition 0 Extended 44 GB 68 GB
When I try to create a new simple volume on the last partition it gives me
the following error. "There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to
complete this operation.
I tried the following methods but all failed:
1- creating a new simple volume using Disk Manag. snap-in.
2- creating a new partition using diskpart (at the time, I had not noticed
that this is not unallocated space and is a partition instead).
3- creating a new volume on the last partition, 44GB, using dikpart.

Any solution?



Mark Shirley

I dont know 100% if it applies to vista, but in XP you can only have 4
partitions per drive :( pain in the ass i know, but the best thing now would
be partition magic, or do away with one partition im my partions are as

Disk 0
Primary 250GB NTFS

Disk 1
Primary 100GB NTFS
Primary 100GB NTFS
Primary 100GB NTFS
Primary 100GB NTFS
and i have 100GB in free space, that vista wont partition off, but im not
that fussed, i plan to stick FreeBSD 6.2 on it as soon as i find the hour i
need to do it!

Hope that helps



Cal Bear '66

You can have only 4 PRIMARY partitions on one hard disk.
If you create an EXTENDED partition first, then you can create
other partitions within that extended partition.
First delete the PRIMARY partition, and then create an EXTENDED
partition and then create partitions within that extended partition.

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