Windows XP Partition Problems!

Dec 22, 2008
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I partitioned by hard drive into 2 a while back so that I could run Windows AND Linux.
Linux had some problems though, so I uninstalled it and it messed my Hard Drive up.
All my Windows files are intact, but I've got two seperate drives. C Drive and F Drive. Windows is being run on the F Drive.
The F Drive has 33.20GB and the C Drive has 39.70, meaning that the one I don't need has more space!
If I delete the C Drive partition, the space doesn't transfer to the F Drive, it just says unpartitioned space!
How do I put the unpartitioned memory into the F Drive?
Feb 24, 2009
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Your foing to need an additional app like Partition Magic 8.0 or Paragon Hard Drive manger - this will then allow you to merge the 2 partition's creating the one partition - it should also let you reassing drive letters eg, so your F drive can be set back as C drive. Thats what i'd recmommend, not sure if anyone else would say differently, or if there's any free Utils to do it.



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