parent, child, junction...



Hi all,

I'm trying to develop a form to quickly enter abundance data. I thought it
sounded simple, but it has become very complicated.

I am trying to use a subform within a splitform. (But I am quite open to
other suggestions!)

The subform is based on a tbl InvertAbund which includes:

InvertAbundPK (autonumber)
Pool_CollectionID (see below)
InvertName (links to InvertNamePK in tbl InvertTaxonomy)
InvertAbund (a whole number)

Pool_CollectionID is where is gets complicated, and where I get confused.
This number comes from a junction table between tbl PoolDescription and tbl
CollectionMethod, so there is a unique ID for every collection method used in
every pool. Make sense?

Also, tbl PoolDescription is a child table to tbl SiteDescription (there are
three or four pools within a site). I have a lookup in tbl PoolDescription to
find SiteID (an autonumber generated in tbl SiteDescription which means
nothing to me).

In tbl Pool_CollectionMethod, I has set up a lookup to find the
SiteDescriptionID and the PoolDescriptionID, via tbl PoolDescription.
Unfortunately, it just puts out the autonumbers/PKs that mean nothing to me
and don't help me to fill in the form.

So, here are my questions:

1. Is there a way that I can have useful data generated by the lookup in tbl
Pool_CollectionMethod? The SiteID has an input mask of LLL-00-000, and this
is what I would ultimately like to see in my form.

2. I would like to be able to add new data to tbl Pool_CollectionMethod via
the form as I am entering invert abundance data in the subform. Is this
possible? Or do I need to populate the junction table first?

3. Alternatively, do I need the junction table?? Is there a more efficient
way of including CollectionMethod in my database?!?

Thank you in advance,




In my long spiel above, I forgot to mention that the split form is based on
a query using Pool_CollectionPK, SitePK, PoolPk and CollectionMethod (coming
from three different tables).

Also, I'm using the split form because I find it easier to navigate around
rather than using the arrows at the bottom of the form.

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