parargraph marks/lines in endnote pages

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removing all headers and footers

After each page break in my long endnote pages for a word 2003 file, I get a
horizontal line ------------------------ and then seven paragraph marks
(lines) that I cannot delete with the delete key. How do I get rid of these
extra lines (space) in my endnote pages ... tThanks, Joe

Stefan Blom

The horizontal line is probably an endnote continuation separator. To get
rid of it, do the following: Switch to Normal view (Draft view if you are
using Word 2007). Display the footnote/endnote pane (View | Footnotes in
Word 2003; References tab | Show Notes in Word 2007). Choose the Endnote
Continuation Separator item, select it, and press Delete.

As far as paragraph marks (¶) in endnotes (or footnotes) are concerned, you
might be more successful using BackSpace instead of Delete. Note, however,
that you cannot delete an entire endnote (footnote) by deleting its text;
instead, delete the reference in the main body of the document.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

"removing all headers and footers"

removing all headers and footers

Thanks , that works. Is there a good explanation of this endnotes separation
tab stuff somewhere? Of headers and footers too?

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