parameters with more than one value


Debbie S.

I have created a query on which a report is based that shows authors of
articles. In my data entry form I can enter two author's names for any one
article, however, if I want the report (and thus the query) to show BOTH
authors' names in the event that there are two (or three or more), how would
I program the query to do that? Right now I have the query set to ask for the
author's last name, first name, so you get that same prompt for the report.
Problem is I can only enter one name with that setup. I'd appreciate any
thoughts or suggestions.

Thank you.




What is your table structure? This will impact how you solve this problem. In
a properly normalized database, you would have an Articles table and an
Authors table with a 1 to many relationship. Then you base the main report
off the Articles table and use a sub report to display the authors.

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