Parameter Query



I have a check box in my query. When I type "Yes" into the criteria row and
run the query, I get the results I want. However, when I change it to a
parameter query, typing results in an error message of that it is too complex
to be evaluated. When I put -1 or 0 though, it works. How can I get the user
to input Yes or No and get vthe results wanted?


Jerry Whittle

Have you defined the data type of the parameter? If it's the default of text,
it will see "Yes" instead of Yes. There is a difference. You want the
paramter defined as a Yes/No data type.

What version of Access? How to define the parameter is very different from
2007 compared to all the older versions.


Hi Jerry

I'm using 2003. I've subsequently found that I can achieve it by an Iif

Many thanks

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