Parameter Query - Passing multiple parameters


Juan Correa


I volunteered for a small project at work (trying to learn more vba).

Here is what I have:
A table with all the pertinent data
An unbound form with 8 controls as follows:
country_list -> Multi-Selct List Box
readiness_type -> Combo Box
offering -> Combo Box
product -> Combo Box
va_type -> Combo Box
channel_type -> Combo Box
org -> Combo Box

The countries list is populated by an internal query that returns the list
of available countries.
The Combo Boxes are populated by queries that limit each selection to the
available options based on the values selected on previous control.

I can create a query that will use the values selected in any/all of the
Combo Boxes as parameters... this is easy enough with the "Build" tool within
the Query design window.

The problem that I have is with using the countries list as a parameter..
since the user must be able to select one or more than one of the 8 available
countries in the list.

Is there a way that I can pass all the parameters (including the countries
list) to a parameter query?

Juan Correa




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