"Paragraph position" in Word 2007


Chad Harris

I'm sure this is obvious to many people, but it's giving me a problem. I
want to explain it clearly.

I pasted text from a box on a website into Word 2007 (on a Vista SP1 box).
I have this situation:

Paragraph 1

My paragraphs are over on the left
in a block like this. And they stay that
way. I've been all over the ribbon's "paragraph
section, but clicking every available button
isn't helping me.

Paragraph 2

What I want to do is highlight all my paragraphs that are configured like
the one above, and have them go all the way to the end of the imaginary
ruler, like you see here in this paragraph. I can't figure out how to do
this. I know there has to be a way. I know in previous versions, one
paragraph was destined to follow the configuration of a previous one. The
MVP site for word at www.word.mvps.org here seems to be based on Word 2002.

How can I highlight all my paragraphs in the doc pasted into Word that look
like paragraph 1, and go to some button on the ribbon or key combo that will
make them look like the paragraphs under the heading Paragrah 2?




How did you paste, normally there should be a little icon called 'Paste
options' at the bottom right of the pasted text, if you click on it you can
choose to paste as unformatted text or follow the target text. It is never a
good idea to copy paste from the web and keep the original formatting.
Have a read here:


Also, make sure that you turn on the display of non-printing
characters; you may have copied text that had hard or soft returns in
it. You'll have to remove those or the text will not be allowed to
reach your margins.

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