Pandora's Box Demo and Direct X.



I get an error message when I try to run this demo that I
downloaded from Microsoft's game site. 'Unable to create
DirectDraw surface. Make sure that DirectX is installed,
and then try again.' I have the latest DirectX, run
Windows XP Home and have a fast system. When I try to run
the patch from the Pandora's Box website I am told that
the retail version of Pandora's Box was not found and
instalation of the patch is not possible.

Nick Kritselis [MS]


Could you reply with a copy of your DXDiag text. This will help us to
assist you in resolving this issue.

To reply with a dxdiag text:
Click on Start -> Run and type 'dxdiag' in the run box, then click 'Ok'.
When the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window appears you will see tabs across the
top click each tab and run the diagnostic tests on each. Then click the
'Save All Information' button, which will create a text file on your system
where you specify, as in My Documents or Desktop. Open that text file, copy
the contents and paste it to a reply.

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