Palm user install-how to hide admin password, run as administrator without crashing?


David Hogan

W2K Pro desktop on W2K server network, NTFS. User wants Palm Tungsten
installed. It requires Administrator login (not just privileges) to run.
Tried setting to run as Administrator, but prompts for password every time.
Any way I can get shortcut to retain password (hidden), and get it to run?
Of course, that's assuming I can solve problem of ONLY administrator running
it. If I run it as Administrator from user login, it crashes, and Dr Watson
hangs, looking for log (Windows 2000 error 80). Gave NTFS permissions to
user up the wazoo. Even made user local administrator temporarily to get it
to work, no go. Palm tech support was absolutely and completely useless:
"It's only designed to be run on home computers", which doesn't explain why
it only works logged as Administrator and not someone with administrative
privileges. Anyone have any ideas?



Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

Back up a couple of steps....the user should not need local admin rights to
run Palm, Hotsync, etc.; just to install it.

Temporarily grant that domain user local admin rights (add him to the local
administrators group). Instal the Palm stuff. Run it once to make sure it
works. Take away the rights (remove him from the group), log out and back in
as that user. Try again.

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