Pages Per Sheet



I want to print a small list multiple times on one sheet. When I go to
print, layout, and select 16 pages per sheet, all I get is one itty bitty
tiny page. How do I make all 16 pages print to one sheet? Thanks in advance!


i think it did print 16 pages per sheet. it's just that 15 of the pages were
i've never had to print 16 pages per sheet but i have had to print 2 pages
per sheet. these were later cut in half and used as hand outs. i had to copy
the data and paste the same data side by side in order to get excel to print
the data that way. you may have to paste the data 15 time to get what you
want. sorry but i don't think there is a easy way to do this. excel's print
capabilities are limited. most of the real work is done by the printer. excel
just sends the data.
maybe some will come along with a much much better solutions.


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