Overwrite prompt



We recently upgraded to WindowsXP at our office, but are still using Office
2000. When overwriting an existing file using "save as", I no longer get a
prompt asking if I would like to overwrite that file. Is there a way to make
the overwrite prompt come back?



Dawn Crosier

I am confused. Are you saying that when you have a document open, and
you tell it to "SaveAs" some document name - other than the one that
it currently named, that you are not warned that you are potentially
overwriting an existing document?

If you have a document open, and you tell it to "SaveAs" and let Word
put in the same document name as it currently is, you will not receive
a warning because you are only "Saving" the current document with no
potential to overwrite an existing document.

Please clarify, because the overwrite warning is standard to all
versions of Word.

Dawn Crosier
Microsoft MVP
"Education Lasts a Lifetime"

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