Oversized PST



In spite of archiving .pst files to remain under 2GB, my
outlook crashed due to oversized .pst.

Ran the Truncation tool three times, 25MB, 105MB and
500MB and all three re-saved files failed to complete the
inbox repair tool.

Inbox repair tool log noted a couple of suspicious errors,

one is, ??Header NDB version mismatch (read=0000,

The other is an extremely long list of the following,

!!Invalid node (nid=252764.........)not found in BBT

Any suggestions to get my old .pst back successfully?




Hi Mack! I am not here for your problem. I have a BIG one
too. My microsoft outlook constantly receives worms and I
have no worms on here. These messages are from my yahoo
mail that i marked as spam and now they are in my outlook.
All I can do is delete them. Is there soething else I am
missing. How can i get them to stop. I don't dare open
them up either. Yesterday I revceied over 1,555 of these
microsoft messages telling me to get their patches and
updates. Well, microsoft does not email or send messages
to anone to do this. So now what. I cannot post here.
That's why I am repliing. Debbie

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