Overactive Fan



From the time I start my laptop to the time I close it down, the fan is 95%
on. Even when I have only Microsoft Word running (or even when I have no
program open), the fan starts up. Suggestions? Is it the processor speed?


Yes yes, I know it's cooling down the system. BUT my fan starts running
almost from the second I turn my laptop on to the second I turn it off. Once
my system has booted, why would it need to cool down a system that hasn't
even had a chance to heat up yet?

Mike Hall \(MS-MVP\)


Just accept that the fan operates the whole time.. computers heat up very
quickly and can't be compared to the average household appliance..


Jen -

Depending on the make/model/manufacturer of your laptop you might want to
check out there web site for new BIOS updates that may address these kinds of
fan issues. I work IT support and have had users that have this problem with
there company purchased laptops. I’ve found that in some cases there is a
BIOS update available to update the fan settings and in most cases these
usually will tone down the time that the fan is running. Make it run quieter.

Check with your laptop manufacturer of your laptop for any updates that may
be available related to your hardware on your laptop. Though I do have to say
it could also just be how your laptop will behave no matter what. But at
least it’s a starting point I work with IBM’s, Dell’s, HP’s, Toshiba’s and I
have found that in some cases updating the system BIOS resolves noisy fans.
If not call the vendor and see what they have to say about it. There could be
a chance that your model might have a faulty fan and should be replaced. Good


Proccessor fans and system fans usually run continuasly, from th
split second your system is switched on to the time its switched bac
off again
Apr 6, 2012
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But, usually my fan is quieter and when i start processing things it will turn on for short periods and shut down to a lower speed again. Mostly low setting. then there are the times when It's on running in hyper mode even when I haven't got any programs running. Like in the middle of the night it starts processing something...but I see nothing going on -on the screen at least. that's when I turn off the network but it continues.

I did notice that when a new system update comes in - it will stop for a while. this leads me to believe it's a malware deal that's resetting my BIOS as mentioned above...

gonna look into that... thanks

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