Output the "Created Time/Date" to an Excel file



I use a macro to export my queries to MS Excel using the TransferSpreadsheet
funtion. I export one query per file. This happens every night. I would like
to report on the Excel file the time/date when it was updated. If I try to
use the Time and Date functions it will give me time and date when I opened
the file not when it was updated.

Any ideas? I'm using MS Access/Excel 2003

Thanks in advance


Jeff Boyce


Could you append the Date/Time info as part of the filename to which you are


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply. I saw posting with that solution but I cannot do that
because the end user access the excel file through a hyperlink so I would
need one link per file per day. A workaorund which I'm not really happy about
but I'll use if I don't find a better one is to have a query just with Date(
), Time( ) or Now( ) and have the macro append that query to the same file so
it would go onto the next tab... Like I said I'm not really keen on using
this but I don't see another choice.

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