outlooks keeps om restarting



I received a mail for a particular sender and suddenly my outlook had an
error message saying " Microsoft Office Outlook has stopped working ". If
I'll restart my outlook and click on send/ receive it seems that my receive
in progress in not completing and it will stop automatically and same error
will pop up again. I can't send any message nor receive mails.

I recon the mail from that senderhad a virus, so I scan and clean my
computer but still same problem is happening

Please help me what to do....

Kathleen Orland

You need to provide details such as:

Version of Outlook
Type of mail account (Exchange, POP3, IMAP)
Are you using the Hotmail Connector?
When did this stop working?

Have you done any troubleshooting? I don't want to tell you to do things
you've already tried.

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