André vd Hoeven

After quiting Outlook I'am not able to start it again (only when I restart
the PC)
PC is running windows XP
When I look at the running procceses I see outlook as much times as I
started it

Win xp en office 2003 are both update with all the hotfixes and service
What Else can I do?



neo [mvp outlook]

You most likely have a 3rd party application loaded that is starting a
hidden instance and locking the application up. Look for things like (and
this isn't all inclusive, just the top items i'm aware of...)

1) PDA Software (ActiveSync, Palm Conduit, .etc)
2) Fax Software (WinFax, MSFax, .etc)
3) Instant Messenger (ICQ, Windows Messenger)
4) Addins (e.g. Antivirus might hook in via tools | options | other |
advanced options | addin manager or com addins)

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