outlook sound /html e-mail




its serveral time beeing asked..but i am a newbie using outlook 2003

For a birthday card I want to embed sound which is played immediatley
if the birthday kid opens the e-mail.
How can I create an html e-mail with Outlook 2003?
(If I choose format html, it is just an normal e-mail)If i create a
seperate html page it is just attached!
Can I see somewhere the code in outlook and go into it?
How can I embed the sound that it is not just attached?

Thanx a lot for answering!!

greetings luna



neo [mvp outlook]

Go to tools | options | mail format and set the message format to html and
check the box right below to edit messages with Word 2003. OK out. Start a
new message. Right click on a menu/toolbar and select web tools. Put
cursor in body and select speaker icon to insert a mid/wav.

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