Outlook Reinstall



I have installed A new operating system for a user,
Windows XP Pro and XP Office including Outlook. When I
recreated her existing Outlook account in the new Outlook
installation, only her current Incoming Mail appeared.
Her Sent Box didn't show up nor her previous Incoming Box
emails. I tried it both as a Microsoft Exchange Server
install and as a POP 3 install. Any help or advice on
this matter would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.
Al Yaboni


Al, Do a search for .PST files on her computer. If there is more than one,
check the dates and size of the file to see which is the one you want to
import to Outlook. All of the messages in the previous install, Sent, Inbox,
Deleted, Calendar, Contacts, etc. are in the old .PST file. You may also
have a very small new .PST file which hopefully, has not overwritten the old
file. Once you find the right file, use the Import and Export option in the
File menu of Outlook to populate the new Outlook installation with the old
messages. Good luck, Aidan
Mar 14, 2011
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Before you install a new operating system, did you do a backup file.pst ?
If you did not, you lose all data, mail.

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