outlook reached maximum size - how do I reduce size?


Ann Flands

I have Outlook 2002 and am unable to send or receive emails or move items -
get an error msg saying 'outlook.pst has reached its maximum size'. I have
deleted some stuff but obviously not enough as still have problem. If I
remove my archive files in outlook onto a memory stick a) will this solve the
problem and b) will I be able to pull them back to access the info if and
when needed - is this easy to do?

Or should I be doing something else to solve the problem


It is complaining that your main PST file has reached maximum item or file
size (most likely the later). The only thing to do is go to the mail applet
in the control panel and create a new PST file. Set this new PST file as
your default delivery location. You can leave the old pst (outlook.pst)
file attached and refer to it, but you will have to copy items out of it to
other PST files. Once you get your data out of it, you can remove it from
your mail profile via the mail applet and then a few days later, delete that
old PST file.

FWIW, the PST file limits under Outlook 2002 is 2GB max file size (shows
about 1.9GB if Windows Explorer) and just a tad over 65,000 items per

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Did you empty the deleted items folder and compact the pst? Moving stuff to
a memory stick won't make a difference - you need to either move mail from
the pst to a new pst or make a new pst to use as the default and keep this
one as an archive.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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