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In an effort to manage the thousands of emails that I've sent and recieved
over the years I have created multiple smaller .pst files to create my own
'archive' structure. The primary reason for creating the additional .pst
files was to prevent the Outlook.pst (default) file from exceeding 2 GB in

After moving ALL of the emails out of the Outlook.pst (default) file, the
file size did not decrease (>2GB). Are the emails still saved, though
hidden, in the Outlook.pst (default) file even though they have been moved
out of this file? The only data that should be in the Outlook.pst file are my
Contacts and Calendars and they should only be a few MB in size.

Is there a way to 'compress' the Outlook.pst (default) file size to reflect
that all of the emails have been removed?

Thank you,

Russ Valentine

When you delete items, the white space remains until you compress the file.
Outlook will do that automatically, or you can do it manually in the
properties dialog for the file.
The 2 G limit for PST files went away several versions ago.


Thank you Russ

I have tried to compact the .pst file but saw a very minimal decrease in the
file size (<10% file size reduction, .pst file still >2GB).

I selected the .pst file and 'Compact Now' (located in Account Settings/Data

It's good to know that there are no longer limitations to the .pst file
size. Even though it's no longer necessary to maintain this file size, I'm
still perlexed why my file size hasn't decreased.

Any other ideas how?
Jul 9, 2012
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