outlook.pst file size does not change after large (50 Mb)email del



hi all,

I would like to reduce the file size of outlook.pst so I can copy it onto a
CD as a backup. My CD already has about 200 Mb free space as the rest is
filled with other data files.

OS: windows professional XP, outlook 2000 sp-3.

Within outlook, right mouse click to 'properties' on icon "Outlook Today
[Personal Folders]" and click on "folder size" button shows 236181K.
However, on path "Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook" ,
file outlook.pst is 244208K.

Now, upon deleting approximately 50 Mb of emails and ensuring they are
deleted from the deleted folder. (ie. permanently removed)
Right mouse click shows 160383K.
The file outlook.pst has not changed. One would expect it to decrease by at
50 Mb.

How can I decrease the size of outlook.pst ?

Thank you in advance for your advice,

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