Outlook problems after recovering Exchange Server.


Larry Dana

Our Exhange Server 5.5 hard drive died, installed new
drive and rebuilt exchange and restored mailboxes.

Now in Outlook when you compose new message and click
on "Contacts" an error pops up saying "the contacts list
this folder is associated with has been removed ...etc".
However you can edit your contacts from the main screen
just fine. In fact when you are looking at the address
books dialog it shows two contact address books, one works
fine, the other gives the above error.

Where do I find where Outlook is storing the link to this
invalid contacts list? I have searched the folders on the
local computer, and the registry but can't seem to find it.

I have 30+ users who have this same problem and would
appreciate any suggestions.




Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

It's in the properties of each person's Outlook Address Book - remove all
folder references in there and then right-click on the contacts folder(s),
go to properties, and find the Outlook Address Book tab - tick the box. It's
quick and easy - you can send out a broadcast mail to all users and have
them do it themselves.



Cris Spencer

Tools, Services, remove the OAB service, Add it back in, close and reopen

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