Outlook Popups / email alerts in Access DB

Sep 25, 2012
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Hi All

I need to create a database in Access which helps us to keep track of our equipment which is rented out to various clients. This equipment needs to be returned within 5 days. Once the equipment is returned, then we will need to "mark it" as "returned" in the database, if it is not returned within 5 days, then an alert needs to be sent to the user's outlook, as well as an email to be sent to various recipients (to our staff, not the client).

I have some experience in Access, but am just unsure how to setup the reminder popups and emails.

I think the database objects would be as follows:

*tblClients: ClientID, companyName, contactPerson, Tel, email, Area, Comments / memo

*tblEquipment: EquipmentID, PartNo, Comments

*tblBookings: BookingID, DateOut, ComanyName, EquipmentID, Part No, DateBackIn?

this is just a rough idea of what I have planned, please tell me if I am on the right Track? and how I could go about setting up pop up reminders, and email reminders

thank you so much

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