Outlook Monitor Inbox of multiple mailboxes is it possible?



I currently have an application that can monitor the Inbox of one mailbox
running on a client using Outlook 2003. This is a standalone application
that needs Outlook to be running in order to see all mail coming into the
e-mail box.

This is using Interop.Outlook

Example of code...
Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
AddHandler m_Olapp.NewMail, AddressOf Me.eventhandlerNewMail
End Sub

Public Sub eventhandlerNewMail()
' Here is the event that gets called
end sub.

Now this will monitor just my mailbox. I also have access to 10+ other
email boxes that show up on my Outlook. How can I get an event fired for
each mailbox inbox? Is it possible? Can I tell which mailbox got the





Helmut Obertanner

Hello Roger,

you have different options.
You can use the folder.Items.Add event for your inboxes or do a general
search for unread items after a send/receive or from an external application
in a time intervall.

Don't know if this helps, i have posted an example for doin' this with C#
AddIn here:



Helmut Obertanner
Technical Consultant

DATALOG Software AG | Zschokkestr. 36 | D-80687 Munich
web: www.datalog.de

.... and IT works!

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