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Apr 26, 2012
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Can anyone help.

I am new to the world of Macros buthave managed to create one which fills in an email and adds attachments which is great.

The problem I have is when I open a new e mail via a hyperlink and then select the macro button, it just opens a new email, so I wnd up with 1 email with the To; box complete and 1 email with the Attachements and body content. This is driving me crazy!!!

Also Ideally I would like to have my default signature (and Banner) inserted as well but when the Body content is added it removes the default signature block. (I have found a work round which is reasonably user friendly and that is the Quick Parts but it is not ideal!)

I am convinced other people have had the same issues but I cannot find a solution at all.

Many thanks in advance.

The VBA I am using is below and works fine up to a point.

Sub PricelistInfo()
Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
Dim Msg As Outlook.MailItem
Set olApp = Outlook.Application
Set Msg = olApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)
With Msg
.Subject = " Initial Response (Attachments - (1) 2012 Pricelist + (2) Information Sheet)"
.Attachments.Add "C:\Users\Price List 2012.pdf"
.Attachments.Add "C:\Users\Information sheet.pdf"
.Body = "Here you go" & vbCrLf
End With

End Sub


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