Terry Pinnell

Cryptic subject header I suppose, but what I'm asking is under what
conditions does the program OUTLOOK.EXE get loaded please?

What prompted this was that I was trying (eventually unsuccessfully)
to install Microsoft PhotoDraw (part of Office 2000 Premium) on my XP
PC. At one stage I had a surprising message saying it couldn't
continue because Outlook was running. I certainly didn't have Outlook
2000 open in a window on my PC. It was just one of my Quick Launch
icons. Was this message perhaps because my Pocket PC was cradled? If
not, why *was* it running?

Anyway, I used Crl-Alt-Del, found OUTLOOK.EXE, and stopped it. But,
after I'd given up on the PhotoDraw installation (it's incompatible
with XP), ActiveSync was still running OK. I removed and replaced the
PPC and it went through its 'Connected...syncing procedure. When I
looked at Task List again, OUTLOOK.EXE was back.

Does OUTLOOK get loaded automatically? When PPC is placed in cradle?

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