Outlook Enterprise


Alex Hammerstein

Hi I have a colleague who has installed Outlook 2007 and part of Office 2007

When he starts Outlook, it goes into the configuration routine and
immediately tries to link to an Exchange Server, which he doesn't want it to
do. He wants to set up a standard POP account, but as Outlook cannot
connect to an Exchange server, he goes round in a loop and then Outlook
closed down.

Is this because he is using Enterprise? If so is it possible to circum
vent this so that he can set up a standard Pop account?

Many thanks


Use the Mail Applet in the Control Panel to correctly configure the

BTW What does installed Outlook & part of Office 2007 mean, you cannot mix


I am having the exact same problem - with installation of Enterprise - with
Outlook. Could you please be more specific about where I can find the "Mail
Applet" and the steps I need to follow? I have been trying to correct this
problem all day with no luck. (I have a new pc and have tried to get it up
and running - with Outlook being the main problem. OS is Windows 7.)

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