Outlook custom form question


Marc Grégoire

Is it possible to create such a form, with input masks and greying out
fields depending on some selections, by only using Outlook 2000 or I have to
rely on VB to do the job?

Also, can I create a custom form in VB and then save it as an Outlook form?




Sue Mosher [MVP]




Cathie Briggette

We Make IT Work

You can create forms from the Create forms tools on your Outlook tools
menus. You can use the fields the MS Outlook has given you, or you can
add some of your own. VB is not part of Outlook, but VB Script is...
Which uses a lot of the VB ideas. It is just that outlook has it's own
type of calling fields. If you need help, be more specific, and it will
be easier to help you. What do you want to do? What kind of form do
you want to make? Be more specific and help is easier to give....

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