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I have some distribution lists in my Contacts folder in Outlook 2003. My
computer had to be re-imaged, & since then those lists don't appear to be
recognized by Outlook. If I type in the name of the list it does not use the
list as an email address, & I can't find these contacts in any of the address
books that show up on Outlook.

I found a link to exporting addresses into Outlook & it says in Address Book
under Show Names From The, under Outlook Address Book select Contacts. There
is no Outlook Address Book on my menu - is that maybe the problem &, if so,
can I add that? Or is there something else I need to do? Thanks!


Open your address book (from the book icon at the top of your inbox). Where
it says "File - Edit - Tools" - click on TOOLS and choose OPTIONS.
In this window, you should be able to add your contacts to the list of
address books that will show up when you choose that "show addresses from"



Thanks! That still didn't pull up my contacts as an available list, but it
did allow me to set up a personal folder that looks like I can add
distribution lists to. I'll just have to re-enter the lists there. But
hopefully that will work.

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