Outlook Connector for Lotus Notes stops working


Mike Bessuille

Outlook Connector to our corporate Domino server (r5 I believe) works
fine until the user account certificate expires on the server. When a
new certificate is issued, outlook no longer connects to the server.

I've tried everything - reinstalled Notes client, Outlook connector,
and outlook client.

From the Connector logging utility, it appears that the name gets
corrupted with extra values within the ini file. Here's a snip from
the log file:

<<a78 23 19:59>> User name from ID file : CN=Mike
<<a78 23 19:59>> GetMailProfile called
<<a78 23 19:59>> User name : : CN=Mike Bessuille/OU=Kan/O=Mitel
<<9e8 23 19:59>> NAMELookup2 called with
m_pServerName=CN=lnkandb1/O=Mitel Flags=0 pNameSpaces=0x17746F4
NumNameSpaces=1 pNames=0x13D604 NumNames=1 pItems=0x13C990 NumItems=7
<<a78 23 19:59>> User name Mail file name : mail\MikeBessuille
<<a78 23 19:59>> Domain name : 
<<a78 23 19:59>> Server name : : CN=lnkandb1/O=Mitel
<<9e8 23 19:59>> Calling NSFDbOpen with
pszPathName=CN=lnkandb1/O=Mitel!!mail\MikeBessuille retDB=0x13D734
<<9e8 23 19:59>> File does not exist
Assertion in File: e:\dev\v2\otonsd\notesapi\nsfdbopen.cpp, Line: 59
<<a78 23 19:59>> setShowOAB called with : 1
<<a78 23 19:59>> setShowOAB called with : 1
<<a78 23 19:59>> Error in DoAuthenAndInit failed , E_FAIL
<<a78 23 19:59>> Error in SetCurrentUserProperties : , E_FAIL
<<a78 23 19:59>> GetCurrentUserProps: I guess network connection is
not there... so we failed getting current user props.. ()
Assertion in File: e:\dev\v2\otonsd\addressbook\abutils.cpp, Line: 906
<<a78 23 19:59>> GetCurrentUserProps: There is some serious problem
retrieving the current user props... ()

Notice that the "user name mail file name" seems to be corrupted.

A snip from the notes.ini file:

Location=Office (Network),2106,CN=Mike Bessuille/OU=Kan/O=Mitel




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