Outlook Connector for Domino won't start issue



Trying to use the Outlook Connector for Domino 2003 connector with Outlook
2003 (SP1) and Lotus Notes 6.5 / Domino Server 6.5.

Every time I try to add the connector to my Outlook profile, I get the error
message "Outlook Connector for Domino won't start. Verify that the Lotus
Notes client is installed and properly configured, logg off and on to your
computer or domain, and then start Outlook Connector for Domno again."
Clicking OK to that message then brings a second error message "The profile
is not complete because your Notes.ini file hasn't been personalized for youe
e-mail account. Start your Lotus Notes client and provide your Domino server
name and ID file password when prompted by the Client Configuration Wizard,
and then try again."

Now I have got Notes running OK and my notes datapath is P:\NotesData\
I have put the notes datapath into into the Windows variable system path.
I have done all recomendations from the error messages.
Have removed and re-installed both the Domino connector and Outlook 2003.

I am now at a loss as to why it won't work. Any help would be gretly




You must change your register file !!!

Look At regedit.exe

If it does not work let me know !!!

(e-mail address removed)

"John Smolenaers" escreveu:

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