Outlook calendar subscription through Office Online won't sync



My boss sent me an invitation to subscribe to his calendar. We are both using
Outlook 2007 on Vista (Business and Ultimate). When I click on the
"Subscribe" button in the email, I get a dialog box asking me to login to my
Windows Live account. When I do, I get an error message saying "Access to
the resource was denied. If you have signed into and saved your Windows Live
ID with a Web site, sign out of that Web site, and then try this operation
again." I have closed all browsers and even retstarted my computer. No luck.
I even tried to manually add the subscription in File>Data File
Management>Internet Calendars>New, but then I get an error saying "Cannot
verify or add the Internet Calendar in Outlook. Verify the link is a valid
calendar link." The calendar was published through Outlook Online. I also
created a Windows Live ID for my email address so I could access the
calendar. Help please!

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Did you save the username and password for the live acct? You shouldn't save
the password - it can cause problems like this. You can delete it in
windows control panel, I think its under user accounts.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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