Outlook calendar printed week view - change subject font size?


Why did I update

Outlook 2007. When printing Calendar in week view (or any other view),
subject detail is printed very small. Does not occur in Outlook 2000. Font
size on screen is not the problem. How do I increase the font size for
details entered in the subject field of Appointments on the print-out of my

Rob Ellis

I have found the same issue.

Changing the Appointments font size setting in Outlook 2007, for either the
Daily or Weekly calendar view does not work properly.

The default font is 8 pt. Segoe UI.

All other size options print preview and print as 8 pt, other than if you
choose 72 pt, then it prints something like 12 pt.

If you try a different font, e.g. Arial, then it completely ignores the size
setting, and uses 8 pt.

The Monthly view seems to work fine - I can change both font and size,
without problems.

Sounds like a bug to me?


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