outlook.application causes error


Christoph Schmitt

Hi to all,

on my system (Win2k, sp4; A2K SP3) i'm not able to asign any variable to an
Outlook.Application object.

the following code causes an error:

Dim objOutlook as object
set objOutlook = createObject("Outlook.application") 'thats the line causing
the error

as well as

Dim objOutlook as outlook.Application
set objOutlook = new outlook.application 'thats the line causing the error

The reference to the MSOUTL9.olb is set correctly

the same behaviour within VB6 Prof.

I get the error in german because of my german OS and german Off2k, so i try
to translate

The error is: Runtime error: -2147023782 (8007045a)
automatization error
a dll initialization routing failed

I might be wrong, but could the various security updates of Microsoft have
something to do with this?

I would be very glad if somebody could help me with this


Christoph Schmitt


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